Episode 6

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1st Jun, 2023

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About the Podcast

Founded In Japan
Uncommon Knowledge about Startups in Japan
Once a high tech Mecca, Japan is playing catch up in technology startups. Essential lessons for current & future founders considering starting up in Japan.

We love to share uncommon knowledge about fundraising, strategy, sales, marketing, recruitment & retention, cross-cultural challenges, and insights into how the Japanese startup ecosystem is evolving. This is an unparalleled English language resource.

📣 Season 1 Now Publishing!
We are releasing Season 1 'Founder Foundations' progressively throughout H1 2023. Combing through ~2 years of Clubhouses, we have curated the best episodes packed with uncommon knowledge for present and future founders in Japan, invaluable to startup success.

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About your hosts

Paul Chapman

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I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and have experienced Japan over a 15 year period, as a student, an employee/salaryman, and now as founder of a pioneering Japanese startup. Founding fintech pioneer Moneytree led me to being deeply involved in the early years of the fintech industry. Recently, I have also started mentoring founders, including those up to the challenge of founding a startup in Japan. I can be reached on LinkedIn.

Jason Ball

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Australian, lived in Tokyo for over 18 years, Consulting in Retail, Finance, Banking & Insurance in roles related to Cloud Call Center deployment, eCommerce, IT Infrastructure, Facilities, Agile & Waterfall Project Management, Business Analysis - helping teams get things done, track, report, respond to requests for information and get recognition for what they do.

Nalin Advani

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Japan and Singapore based hands-on investor with 2 IPOs and 1 Exit from 20 Seed / Series A investments so far. LP in 4 funds and Board Member of TSE Prime listed large SI. Loves technology and the positive impact that can be achieved through applying it.

Haruka Takamori

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Born and raised in Taiwan. After working in investment banking, and Plug and Play, Haruka currently works at STRIVE as a VC, meanwhile co-founded Cruzzie, an enterprise tech startup empowering creators. Haruka is also one of the original co-founders of the Startup Co-Creation Community (SCC).

Ilya Kulyatin

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2x Fintech founder with an interdisciplinary academic background in Finance and Machine Learning. Before moving into entrepreneurship, spent 10+ years in 4 countries (IT, US, NL, SG) as a quantitative researcher and developer in finance. Loves helping out early-stage entrepreneurs, which was his main “hobby” during the past 2 years in Tokyo. Right now, Ilya is back to the drawing board looking for products to build and prospective co-founders.